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IT Project Management

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J.C.N. Associates, L.L.C.
From a Recent Engagement
Business Stakeholder - Fortune 500 Company “You certainly brought a new/fresh approach to designing and building solutions to meet the needs of our business. You should be proud, as I am, of what you were able to accomplish over the years and the great influence you brought to our culture and our approach to technology. Many thanks” -Craig Senior Director
From a Prior Engagement
Project Team Member and Database Developer “Alex Luyando is the only person I’ve kept in touch with from my many years as an independent database system developer. He’s unusually intentional and hardworking, and has navigated a lot of software projects through surprisingly tricky waters.” -Paul S.

IT Software Project Management

IT Software Project


Late delivery of projects can severely hamper an organization’s ability to meet customer and regulatory demands. We not only provide focused application development resources, but also keep an eye on the “bigger picture” for you. We help you initiate and establish more effective project planning, project execution, and project risk management while introducing “best practices” to the entire System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We are fluent in all of the Knowledge and Process areas as defined by the Project Management Institute ( and have Project Management Professionals (PMPs) ready to help you with your critical software and technology projects. Let us help you in these and other critical project stages. Project Initiation Project Management Systems Requirements Definition and Analysis System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Development Project Planning Systems Design Implementation Management Post-implementation Retrospectives (aka, “Lessons Learned”) Email us today at to discuss how we can help you with your critical IT projects.

Business System Analysis

Implementing business applications and systems without proper design is a recipe for disaster. Our prime objective in this critical phase is to fully define all business requirements and use this knowledge to model complete and reliable technical solutions. Proper data definitions and logical data and class (program) designs help produce reliable, maintainable business solutions that can grow as the business expands. Starting from a complete business requirements definition, we use various techniques (e.g., Entity- Relationship (ER) models, UML diagrams, structured data flow diagrams and others) to architect a complete solution that application development staff (yours or ours) can rely on to build successful software solutions. These “blueprints” then serve as the foundation for developing feature-rich Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual FoxPro applications that meet your every business need. J.C.N.'s approach to designing and developing database-centric software solutions ensures that your applications will provide high levels of data integrity and security while our open approach facilitates efficient and reliable integration with any existing enterprise applications. All of this delivered using a development methodology that provides our clients with clarity and predictability at all stages of the project. Using ubiquitous development technologies such as Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server further ensure ease of integration and extensive support options. Detailed design, database and user documentation, along with a methodical, structured approach to management of all aspects of the project, help make even complex application projects manageable and successful. J.C.N.'s expertise in database applications has already been applied to high-profile clients in various industries such as: Banking Brokerage Financial Services Healthcare Services Insurance Publishing We provide database applications for most major platforms and operating systems using Sybase, ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server, and we support all major Microsoft technologies. Read more about our technologies and tools elsewhere on this website.

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines ten knowledge areas critical to project management. These processes and methodologies are needed to help ensure effective and successful project management. Each of these processes falls into one of the five process groups, creating a matrix structure where every process can be related to one knowledge area and one process group. Please see the PMI site (links below) for additional information. The ten Knowledge Areas are: 1. Project Integration Management 2. Project Scope Management 3. Project Time Management 4. Project Cost Management 5. Project Quality Management 6. Project Human Resource Management 7. Project Communications Management 8. Project Risk Management 9. Project Procurement Management 10. Project Stakeholder Management.

Choice Project Management Links

The following are recommended sites related to project management which may be of interest to you. Project Management Instituate (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Project Minds
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IT Software Project Management

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